Eye tracking for research

We help businesses and science professionals gain real insights into human behavior with world-leading eye tracking solutions and services.

Tobii Pro Insight brings you research consultancy, conducts attention based studies helping organizations make better business-critical decisions in various fields: Marketing and Consumer Research, Professional Performance, User Experience and Interaction, Sports Performance and Research, Education and Clinical Research.

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Tobii Pro products for research

Read more about Tobii Pro products. The full list of products are available in NBT site - for your next research.

Eye tracking analysis in VR – training and consumer insights
Eye tracking to improve perfusionist training and illustrate surgical methods

More about us

Tobiipro provide world leading eye tracking solutions to academic institutions and to commercial companies that want to better understand human behavior. Our solutions consist of hardware, software, training and support.

We also provide eye-tracking-based consumer-research studies to customers that do not have the expertise or time to conduct the research themselves, such as large market research companies and consumer goods companies.

NBT’s vision is to support the scientific and medical market requirements with the finest research equipment for supporting any research process.

We have established a solid reputation among hundreds of customers in Israel, with the optimal mix of best products and outstanding service.

Our service will always be in matching the exact product as a pre-sale service with implementation and technical support as an after sale service.

Our clients include universities, hospitals, research labs, private companies, research institutes and more.


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Tel: +972-52-6548768


3 Makor Haim St. Jerusalem, ISRAEL


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